Technical Specifications

  • 1. Wrinkle-free, impact resistant covers provide a smooth symmetrical appearance. The 5-ply laminate cover construction includes three layers of fire-resistant material and adds strength and stability to the door. Unique cover construction resists punctures, tears, rips or cuts.
  • 2. The precision-engineered steel internal pantograph provides years of smooth, easy folding action and allows the doors to easily manoeuvre through curves and switches.
  • 3. Steel bearing wheels with nylon tires support the wall every 300mm and provide smooth, quiet operation.
  • 4. Adjustable lead carrier allows proper alignment of the wall frame for effective latching at all times and enables the door to adjust to out-of-plumb conditions.
  • 5. A selection of heavy duty aluminum track systems is available to accommodate various ceiling conditions and equipped with inter-locking keys for accurate alignment which ensures carrier long-life.
  • 6. Heavy-duty lead post with magna-seal latching for superior acoustics.


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