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Movable Partition

The activity partition is a movable wall that divide spaces


The main function is to use movable partition

To divide space according to demand, more reasonable use of space

Movable wall that can divide large spaces into small spaces or connect small spaces into large spaces at any time as needed

It can play a multi-functional role, model 65 85 100,100 Rail Ultra High, the highest finish is 17 meters, type 65 aluminum partition around the partition screen,frame thickness is 65mm,type 85 aluminum partition frame thickness is 85mm,type 100 aluminum partition frame thickness is 100mm, divided into two types of wooden movable partition and glass partition, glass partitions are divided into framed glass partitions and frameless glass partitions.

Movable wall partition is made of the high-quality anodized aluminum frame with environmentally composite materials based on the movable partition wall systems.

The panels move on a ceiling track with no requirement of floor guides or rails.

Mobile partition is also called active partition, moving wall, move partition, movable partition, event screen, mobile partition, mobile screen, moving partition wall, moving the acoustical wall.

The movable partition brings great convenience to people's work, the active partition is a method of dividing a large space into small spaces or connecting small spaces into large spaces at any time as needed. Gaoyou movable partition wall systems can offer you the satisfied partitions as one of the best partition suppliers and partition manufacturers.

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